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Igrec Ingénierie

Global, sustainable and responsive engineering

Representative for the design, creation and operation of construction work, IGREC INGENIERIE is present in every field of construction, infrastructure, industry and the environment.

Our rapidly responsive and multi-disciplinary teams undertake innovative projects on any scale and however complex.

Our objective ?
To provide you with a privileged partnership and custom-made solutions ! 

Marc Borensztein



IGREC INGENIERIE will attend the World Efficiency Show on We...

IGREC INGENIERIE will attend the World Efficiency Show on Wednesday 14th October 2015 at PARIS EXPO PORTE DE VERSAILLES, and will be pleased...

June 2015 In partnership with TGTFP, IGREC INGENIERIE signed...

This urban development zone wants to assert itself as a leading pole where economic activities will coexist with housing, public equipments, shops and...

APRIL 2015 IGREC INGENIERIE, associated with Zundel Cristea ...

This programme is part of the evolution of care and housing practices ; it includes the construction of an Accomodation Establisment for Dependant...

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