• Responsible conception for a sustainable construction


    Everyday our engineers and technicians pay particular attention to the environmental quality and energy efficiency of our projects. IGREC INGENIERIE offers its clients a valuable conception and assistance for the maintenance of environment-friendly buildings.

    The correct evaluation of environmental stakes is our responsibility towards the coming generations. We have to assume that responsibility both as conception assistant and construction project manager. The immediate needs of users should not handicap their future quality of life.

    Both as project manager or assistant, IGREC INGENIERIE put its clients forward innovative solutions that satisfy the different international standards (BREEAM, HQE, LEED, Passivhaus,...) regarding the promotion of renewable energies, energy efficiency, water and waste management, site works management, construction optimization processes. As a result, our projects can claim a real quality of construction both sustainable and responsible.

    Since the Grenelle de l’Environnement started (the French round for environmental measures definition initiated by the Government), IGREC INGENIERIE takes an active part within our professional think-tanks. We propose all our clients environmental-friendly solutions that take into account their environmental impact.

    Responsible conception, sustainable construction.